Blue tabby ticked


Moeder / mother : Bøkko van Tandaradei


Vader / father: Mister mistoffelees av Sira


 foto: Cattery Deyley

Meet our sweet Dille, the first blue diva in our cattery. Eventhough she isn't big, her attitude is giving you an other impression. She can wrap you around her fingers within the first minute you meet her. She loves to talk to you and purrs as soon as you say her name. This is the main reason way we chose to keep her. Her appereance is quite unique, since there are very little ticked Norwegians to be found. When she had her first daughter Mette, we also found out that she is an excellent mother!





Mette-Marit van Tandaradei

Blue Tortie tabby mackerel white


Moeder / moeder: Borghild van Tandaradei



 foto: Cattery Furry Heaven

Meet our sweet Mette, our little miracle. Her mother Dille had some difficulties getting pregnant, it was only until we met Dionne, that the whole process shifted into the right direction. She offered a mating with her sweet stud Bert and all of a sudden our Dille was pregnant. It must have been love at first sight. I would like to thank Dionne, otherwise we would probably have never had a beautiful girl like Mette. She is a playfull lady with lots of fire, but she also likes cuddles. A real tortie. I love the playfullness of her patchwork, the blue and red ear tufts and her equally divided strawberry/chocolate nose. At the age of 20 weeks, she is coming very close to become as heavy as her mother. We suspect she will become a lovely adult in the future!